About HGA

Hard Gainers Athletics is a performance enhancement business that provides fully-customized services that are geared towards achieving specific athletic and fitness goals for the "Hard Gainer".

Areas addressed include individual assessments and goal setting, structured goal-specific fitness regimen, nutritional and supplementation recommendations to maximize gains.

HGA was started to help young or struggling athletes and non-athletes make the most of their fitness potential and to establish a life-long foundation for a positive, healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the physical benefits, important life lessons are also taught:

- Commitment to Goals

- Effective & Sustainable Goal Setting

- Strong Work Ethic

- Escaping Comfort Zones

- Gaining Self Confidence & Improvement

The History of HGA


I started HGA because I am passionate about physical fitness and helping people maximize their potential to meet goals they believed to be impossible.  You see, the Hard Gainers story is my story.  I lived it...firsthand.

I, like many, had dreams and aspirations to play college athletics and make the most of my skills.  Coming from a very successful athletic family, it seemed like an obtainable goal.  However, I was faced with obstacle after obstacle making my dream seem impossible.  Being a late-bloomer, having a high-metabolism, and growing up with all the peer-challenges of being different or undeveloped affected me every day.  Just how bad did I want it?

Then one day, my father came home with a binder with my name on it.  Inside was a balanced, daily workout regimen that developed my strength, endurance, agility, and sport-specific skills.  We reached an agreement that if I wanted it bad enough, I was going to have to work for it every day.  And I did...every exceptions. Even on family vacations.  After all, nothing is free!

To make a long story short, I made my dream come true.  After a conference championship and winning conference MVP along with being one of the top scorers in the state of Texas my senior year, I was presented with multiple full-ride offers for basketball.  With the support of my parents, I was able to make the seemingly impossible, possible.  And best of all, it gave me a foundation of commitment, the ability to face adversity, and a work ethic that I have taken forward into my business career and everyday life.  All life-lessons learned at age 16.

Now, it’s your turn!  HGA is here to assist you in identifying your dream and laying down a road map to achieve what you thought was impossible.  The journey will be long and difficult and it’s different for everyone. But there is one guarantee...if you commit yourself every day to becoming better than you were the day before you will eventually be in a better place than you would be if you did nothing.  I am committed to the clients of HGA and their dreams. 

 Together, WE WILL DO IT!!!

 Here’s to your future success and conquering the world before you!!


Clint Foley, CFT, CSCS

Owner & Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Hard Gainers Athletics


Where I started...

  • ‘89-’90 Freshman in High School

  • 5' 4" , 110 lbs.

  • Bench-warming Guard (’90, ‘91)


The Journey Continued...

  • 1993 Conference Champ & MVP

  • 6’6”, 185 lb. Starting Center

  • 24 PPG., 11 RPG. & 4 SPG.

  • Multiple Full-Ride Offers


The impossible dream...

  • Full-Ride NCAA Athlete

  • 4 yr. Letterman (’94-’97)

  • 3 yr. Starter (’95-’97)

  • All-Conference Athletic & Academic (’97)

  • 6’7”, 220 lb. Starting Forward