The Best Kind of Diet


The Best Diet is a 5 Year Diet

Nutrition We Need to be Talking About

In an age of diet fads, restriction, tea detoxes, and juice cleanses we are in desperate need of a real conversation that begs the question, “Will you be able to do this for 5 more years?”. As humans we are uniquely designed to dislike change, we veer away from the unfamiliar and we will always resort to what we know. This starts from the inside out and our diet is no exception.

Have you ever taken sugar or caffeine out of your diet cold turkey? The headaches and cranky withdrawal symptoms are ever so real. Your body is in hiatus trying to find a different way to fuel your energy and unfortunately your sunshiny attitude is the first to pay the price. The good news is we are also unique in the fact that we inevitably adapt. But what if there was a way to adapt to a healthier lifestyle that didn’t involve a week of hangry headache outbursts? What if I told you there was a diet that would evolve into a lifestyle you take on with ease and 5 years will have passed without you having to stress over your next meal or how the hell you’re going to get through the holidays. This diet doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have its own website or cult following, it is as simple as slowly adapting your body to eating and craving clean, whole foods.

This “5 year” diet, as we will refer to it, is simply a progression that builds habits and creates a lifestyle to last a long healthy lifetime. It starts by simply creating habits and every week adding a new goal to work toward, it could be as simple as drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, or adding one vegetable to your lunch everyday. Before you even realize it, your body is urging you to grab the apple for you afternoon snack not even seeing the candy bar next to it. The goal is to slowly create subtle change in your body  in order to build a solid foundation that isn’t so quick to crumble. No, this diet will not give you a six pack in 30 days, (although, not impossible!), you won’t lose 20lbs of water weight in a week from only drinking juice. But you will also not experience the horrific withdrawal effects from crash diets and you won’t hate yourself for grabbing a cookie at a family party.

The goal is to introduce clean options that will give your body the slow introduction to the nutrients and minerals it is ever so craving. This will promote long term wellness, disease prevention, weight loss, and muscle growth. The phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” is so ten years ago. Now, we are looking to nutrition to keep us off of medications, keep us as healthy and active for as long as humanly possible, while feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally. So put down the tea detoxes and start working towards a lifestyle you can ecompass for 10 years.

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