At Hard Gainers, we know that we wouldn't be where we are today, if not for our outstanding community and members that come to us to improve! From youth community teams all the way to local businesses and board members. We have built outstanding relationships and continue to look forward to further success because of YOU!

Effective 09/01/18, HGA is now offering the "HGA Rewards Program" to reward all of you, our loyal clients, for your business while also giving you incentive to spread the word about HGA Services and what it can do for other community members.

Rewards Points

For every $1.00 you spend at HGA, you will receive 1 HGA Rewards Point...100 points equals $1.00 in credit you can apply to HGA services and merchandise.

Example: $600.00 purchase = 600 Rewards Points = $6.00 Account Credit

*Points expire after 1 year

**Must have a minimum of 1000 Rewards Points on account to redeem points for purchase

***Rewards Points can only be applied to additional, future purchases or class membership dues. They are NOT VALID for current, contracted monthly-installment plans for Elite Binder Programs at this time. For Elite Training Memberships, Rewards Points can be applied to the next contract-cycle purchase following the current contract-cycle.

****Additional terms and conditions apply for team-training services.

Referral Points

For every referral you bring in who makes a first-time purchase within any HGA service category, you will receive 4500 Rewards Points. That's $45.00 in account credit that can be applied to any HGA service or merchandise.

*Valid for first-time client referrals after 09/01/18 only...points are awarded upon referred client's purchase checkout and are not granted for repeat purchases by the referred client

**Points expire after 1 year

***Referral points are awarded for non-family members only at this time.

****Additional terms and conditions apply for team-training services.

Your business, loyalty, and fitness journey are very important to us. We created this program as a way of saying "Thank You!" for your continued business and powerful word-of-mouth referrals that keep us growing right along side of you.