Custom Fitness

Whether you are an older adult or younger adult, we have a program that fits your needs. With HGA Custom Fitness, we provide the same approach we do for our athletes. Everyone is a little different and knowing this, we have eliminated the cookie cutter methods and created programs that are specific to the needs of every individual, whether you are looking to run your first marathon, or looking to improve body composition. Contact us today to set up an orientation and find out what separates HGA from everyone else!       Book an Orientation


Group Fitness Classes

Our Fitness Boot Camps are a high energy environment designed to get people moving and enjoy an hour of competitive, unique and fun training for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Our trainers provide many different coaching and training styles, which can be modified to any individual for optimal success! Whether you have been sedentary or are very active, we strive to bring the best out of everyone!


Semi-Private Training

Our small groups allow you to work in a group of up to 3,  with each session being led by one of our coaches to create a training environment that is High Energy, Informative and Fun!  Each individual will perform various strength progressions that are customized to individual needs. The goal is to create an environment to get stronger, lose weight, increase their mobility & improve confidence.


Private Training

Our Private Training programs are designed to focus 100% on the client. If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle and want to commit to a program that is completely designed from the ground up based on you and your goals, we want to team up and help you get there! Come find out why we are the one of the top 1 on 1 coaching services in the Chicagoland area!