Improve pain, feel better, & Reduce Your Risk of Injury! HGA Recovery has everything you need to push your limits even further!

Recovery. Arguably the most underutilized aspect of fitness regimens, is one of the biggest predictors of performance and injury risk. Post-exercise athletes are faced with muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation that typically takes 48 hours or more to leave the body...until now.


Using the same techniques and tools used on the elite level, athletes and individuals can hit the reset button in a much shorter amount of time. The result: working smarter so that we can continue to work harder!

HGA Recovery is recovery for competitive and everyday athletes. It does not matter if the demand is on an athletic surface or the daily grind of life. Now you too, have access to the some of the same specialized equipment, used by professional athletes all over the world! 


Regeneration Session

Our 1 hour Regeneration Sessions is designed to fully cater to your needs, with the goal of improving how you feel, move and perform. Utilizing top of the line equipment and a variety of proven soft tissue methods in a systematic way to not only treat the painful area, but also find the underlying cause of the issue to help prevent it from lingering moving forward. 


     Walk-In     $50.00                              5 Pack   -   $225.00

30 Minute Body Tune-Up

HGA Body Tune-Ups are designed to improve soreness & fatigue due to natural wear and tear during training as well as life's demands. With this 30 minute session, you will choose between electrical stimulation therapy, compression therapy and more...! This is a perfect addition to any training regimen!


     Walk-In   -   $30.00                              10 Pack   -   $250.00



$10.00 Add on

With our $10 Add On, you can kick start your recovery process as soon as your done training! For just $10, you can add a 20 minute recovery session to the end of any private training session at Hard Gainers. You can select between the Compex electrical muscle stimulation, or the Normatec air compression system. 

** This service is a walk-in add on only.

* All packages purchased are good for 12 months from the day of purchase

* All HGA Recovery sessions are designed to improve and promote recovery & natural body healing. These services are not intended to fix, heal, or cure any disease, illness, or other medical issue.