Hard Gainers Recovery Services


$10 Add-On

Designed for the serious individual looking to take their training to the next level. Add a 20 minute post workout Normatec air compression session to the end of your workout to decrease recovery time between sessions, allowing you to go harder in the next workout.

* This add on is available for any 60 minute private training session, and would bring the total time to around 90 Minutes.

30 Minute Body Tune-Up

Sold as a package of 10, our Body Tune-Ups are designed to improve soreness & fatigue from natural wear & tear during training, life or sport. Utilizing top of the line equipment, this is a perfect package to add into any training program.

We know your busy! GET IN, GET RECOVERED, GET OUT.

1 Hour Private Recovery Session

Designed to improve acute or chronic aches, sprains and strains as well as other general soft tissue issues. Using a variety of proven soft tissue and facial stretching techniques, our goal is to improve the way you feel, move and perform, no matter what your goal is!

* All packages purchased are good for 12 months from the day of purchase

* All HGA Recovery sessions are designed to improve and promote recovery & natural body healing. These services are not intended to fix, heal, or cure any disease, illness, or other medical issue.